GLAD Ver. 5.9 Prices

GLAD contains powerful features to model beam trains, stable and unstable resonators, and most other optical systems. All products come with one year of technical support, warranty, and upgrades (by download) from the date of shipment.

GLAD Pro (59P) features:

  • Designed for both engineering modeling and advanced research.
  • Native 32 bit code. Runs on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems.
  • Limited to 2GB system memory.
  • Laser resonators: stable, unstable, ring lasers.
  • Detailed four-level laser gain, steady-state gain, gain sheets.
  • Complex physical optics systems
  • Finite element thermal modeling.
  • Propagation in 3D geometry.
  • Astigmatism of tilted and decentered mirrors.
  • Idealized refractive elements.
  • Dielectric waveguide modeling.
  • Diffration propagation multi-threading supports two CPU’s.
  • Detailed ray tracing calculations of tilted and decentered mirrors.
  • Detailed ray tracing calculations of complex lens groups with tilts and decenters.
  • Damped least squares optimization of all system parameters.
  • In addition to detailed four-level gain, includes three-level gain, and semiconductor gain.
  • Nonlinear optics: Raman, frequency doubling, four-wave mixing, optical limiting, sum frequency generation.
  • Zigzag amplifier.
  • Atmospheric effects: turbulence and thermal blooming.
  • High NA vector diffraction calculations.
  • Lens array features.

GLAD Pro 64 has all features of GLAD Pro and adds:

  • Native 64 bit. Requires a MS Windows 64 bit operating system. The native code of GLAD 57P64 runs about 40% faster than 57P.
  • Access all available memory. (No 2GB application memory limitation.)
  • Security dongle supports both GLAD Pro (32 bit) and GLAD 64 (64 bit). Customer has access to both GLAD Pro (32bit) as well as GLAD 64 bit.
  • Multi-threading of four-level gain and diffraction propagation up to 16 CPU’s.
  • Coherent gain for short pulse effects.
Part Number: Description: Price:
59P64 GLAD Pro 64 bit, Ver. 5.9 $6,340.00
59P GLAD Pro, Ver. 5.9 $4,940.00


Part Number: Description: Price:
59U7 Upgrade from Ver. 5.8 to 5.9 $1,200.00
59U6 Upgrade from Ver. 5.7 to 5.9 $1,800.00
59NU5 Upgrade from Ver. 5.6 to 5.9 $2,500.00

One-year warranty, free technical support, and product upgrades included with all original purchase and upgrade purchases. Shipping charges added to all orders.

GLAD 3-day course provides intensive hands-on training.

Part Number: Description: Price:
59CCH GLAD 3-day course, (Next: Shanghai, China, to-be-determined) $1,300.00
59CUS GLAD 3-day course, (Next: San Diego, CA, Aug. 5-7, 2015) $1,200.00